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Apel Paula Van Deventera, Prezesa MPI,
do branży dotkniętej skutkami koronawirusa

Dear MPI Friends,  

The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has touched the lives and businesses of our friends and colleagues across the globe in the meetings and events industry. Our industry has been impacted by recent cancellations of conferences, sporting events and large gatherings. My deepest sympathy goes out to those affected.
As the global situation evolves daily, safety is our utmost concern for our community, industry and our MPI employees. MPI has long-established processes to ensure our daily membership and chapter operations will operate business as usual. We can assure our community that we will continue to provide high-quality resources and up-to-date information.

And, as the largest and most relied-upon association within the meeting and events industry, we at Meeting Professionals International know it’s our duty to serve as a trusted resource for this important community. Whether through providing education and connections in advance of, during and after situations like this or disseminating current information as occurrences unfold, we will ensure our community is prepared, informed and in-tune with ongoing developments. Of equal importance, we will be at the front lines to spur global economic growth and stability as the current crisis ends and we shift our attention towards recovery.

Keeping in line with our mission to learn, innovate, collaborate and advocate, the MPI Academy has launched a series of webinars and educational offerings that build on the existing fundamentals to overcome these sometimes-challenging scenarios. From ongoing conversations on ensuring business continuity to providing the tools to make business decisions at the right time, the webinars will be informative and make an immediate and lasting impact.

Additionally, at WEC Grapevine, which takes place on June 6-9, 2020 and currently has no plans for cancelation or postponement, we have added programming specific to managing the complications associated with this current scenario, as well as recovery. WEC Grapevine may be the first large-scale gathering for our community as recovery begins, making this a key opportunity for our industry to band together and rally behind the positive impact we can make on our world.

With so much information currently available publicly about Coronavirus, it’s our responsibility to make certain our community remains adequately, properly and responsibly informed on Coronavirus. With that in mind, we are keeping our community informed on Coronavirus through MPI’s social channels, newsletters (MPI Pulse and MPI NewsBrief) and on our current Coronavirus page.  This online resource provides you with up-to-date industry news, research and information about ongoing resources being provided by MPI, such as our education series and newly launched podcast series.

As we have done for nearly fifty years, MPI will continue to provide the leadership, knowledge, and connections that facilitate positive impact. Because when we meet, we do change the world.

Paul Van Deventer
Meeting Professionals International
President and Chief Executive Officer

2020-03-13 11:43:00


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